Feb 06 2012

Play in Beverly Hills, Shop in Beverly Hills

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Play in Beverly Hills, Shop in Beverly Hills

Image by Stuck in Customs
Well, those signs pretty much say it all. The city council voted down the less-popular alternatives, "Get Mugged in Beverly Hills, Get Ladyboy Hookers in Beverly Hills". Those were right out.

While I was shooting this, a stretch limo pulled up beside me. The driver and I had a nice conversation… He had someone in the back, but the screen was up to keep out noise and wandering eyes.

Read the rest here at the Stuck in Customs blog.

Scorpion Tails and Bamboo Exhibit @ Desert Botanical Gardens

Image by RightBrainPhotography
Taken at night utilizing surrounding light and a few off-camera pops of a Canon 550EX Strobe. Red gel was used on the strobe.

The camera was remote actuated via DSLR Remote by Breeze Systems (an excellent program for remote control of your DSLR) in order to get the 15 bracketed shots. They were at 2/3EV steps. Two complete sets were taken in (30 images in all), from which 26 frames were selected.

A total of 26 images were used in this particular HDR compilation, pulling out some of the shutter-bracketed shots, in order to bias the resulting HDR image a bit brighter and more dynamic.

Photomatix Pro was used (nothing else compares for HDR) in post-processing to produce the results that you see here.

There were some unavoidable flashes from other photographers, as the long-exposures of 10-30 seconds were taken, thus there was more flexibility in having so many extra frames to pick & choose from.

This was taken with the hope of submitting it in the Arizona Highways Chihuly Exhibit Photo Contest . . . wish me luck!

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